Engraved Pebbles

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Engraved Save the date Pebbles

Save the date, it's set in stone! Create your very own engraved save the date pebbles from as little..


Est Pebble

Est PebbleMake their anniversary or wedding day one to remember with a engraved pebble. This cute l..


Garden or Graveside Pet Memorial Stone With Photo And Message

Garden or Graveside Pet Memorial StoneWhether it's for a cat or dog, make a fitting tribute for your..


Logo Engraved Pebbles

Stand out from your competitors and set it in stone. Have your own logo engraved deep into the surfa..


Mummy Pebble | Unique Mum Gift

Melt Mum's heart with this gorgeous 'Mummy you're my rock pebble'. With the option to personalise th..


My First Christmas- Engraved Pebbles

Top off all of the excitement to a first Christmas with these engraved cream pebbles.You can persona..


New Baby Pebble - Deep Engraved

New baby pebbles make the perfect new-born keepsake gift. Personalise your stone for FREE by having ..


Pebble Business Cards

Make a lasting impression on your customers/ clients with engraved pebbles. Ingrain your company int..


Pebble Engraved With Your Child's Drawing

Capture the moment with a personalised pebble which has been engraved with your Child's own drawing ..


Penguin Pebble Frame

The penguin pebble is tradition which stems from the Adelie penguins, who it turns out, are quite th..


Personalised Engagement Pebble

Have their love set in stone with an engraved engagement pebble. This beautiful personalised natura..


Personalised Graveside Memorial Flower Pot Crafted From Natural Stone

Crafted from natural stone, these heavy duty memorial flower pots add the final and most beautiful t..


Personalised Graveside Memorial Flower Pot With Photo And Message

Make a fitting tribute by personalising a graveside memorial pot with a photo of your loved one and ..


Personalised Memorial Stone

Personalise your memorial stone to your own requirements by having any name, date and/or a short mes..


Personalised Penguin Pebbles | Penguin Pebbles

Do you love someone more than words can explain? You can set your love in stone with these pers..


Engraved Pebbles

Engraved pebbles ooze with natural beauty. They also boast individuality and uniqueness. Our engraved stones have spent years being shaped and moulded by natural factors and processes. Therefore, this has given each stone its own unique look and individual character. Our personalised pebbles are likely to contain natural markings and blemishes.

Natural blemishes all help add to the natural beauty of our engraved stones. Such is the beauty of these pebbles they can be personalised for all different occasions i.e Christening day Pebble, baby name pebble, and even a co-ordinate pebble to mark a special place.

We offer a speedy turnaround time on our personalised stones. 

Our NEW pebbles include our deep engraved stones – such as our dog memorial stone. We engrave these premium pebbles deeper into the stone. We then hand paint each letter in the colour of your choice. Therefore, as a result of deeper engraving, the pebbles are much longer lasting than the surface etched pebbles.

Please contact us If you require something that is not present on our website. For example, a small engraved pebble engraved memorial pebble or even a set of six personalised pebbles. We are here to help.

Finally, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch as we can often make stones to your request! You can either call us during office hours, email, or alternative get in touch via our Facebook Page.