Photo Engraved Keyring With Childs Drawing

Photo Engraved Keyring With Childs Drawing

Photo Engraved Keyring With Childs Drawing

Personalise your personalised photo keyring by having your photo engraved with your childs drawing. If you don't wish to have a drawing then you can have their handwritten message on the back. Childs drawing gifts have great sentimental value and the recipient will cherish it for a lifetime.Now it doesn't just have to be a childs drawing or handwritten message - it can be an adults too! It could perhaps be a handwritten love letter or message from an old birthday card of a lost loved one.If you don't require a handwritten message or drawing to be engraved then please then please click here.Have you seen our full range of handwriting gifts and childrens drawing gifts?Product Features:
  • Material: Silverplated
  • Size:
  • Lead Time: 1-2 working days until dispatch.

Childs Drawing Gifts- How do you go about it?

So, how do you have your own drawing or message in your own handwriting engraved onto your keyring? Follow the simple steps below to create the perfect childs drawing gifts:

1) Firstly, grab an Plain white A4 sheet of paper and a thick tipped pen (similar to a sharpie pen).

2) Secondly, write/ draw your message onto the piece of paper nice and big and clear.

3) Then, scan or take a photo* of your drawing/message and upload it to the product by clicking the 'upload own handwriting' button.

4) Finally, once you've uploaded your photo, sit back, relax and wait for your keyring to arrive in the post.

*If you take a photo of your drawing or handwritten message then please ensure it is taken from a aerial shot. The paper should not appear to be at an angle or a slant in the photo.To conclude, if you have any concerns regarding your image please contact us via email. Alternatively, you can visit our Facebook Page where you can send us a private message.

Personalised photo keyring - choosing your photo

Firstly, your photo should be bright and visibly clear. The should be no dark shadows across peoples faces, neither should there be a blur (a blur in the background will be okay). We recommend there to be a maximum of 3 people (4 at the most). Please note, if there are more that 1 or two people in the photo, its likely that we will engrave your photo landscape.

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You can place order, and we will produce and send out after jan 2nd 2021

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