Wine Glasses

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Jasmine Red Wine Glass

Jasmine Red Wine GlassThe 220ml Jasmine red wine glass has a stylish design with a facet ball in the..


Engraved Crystal Wine Goblet

Engraved Crystal Wine GobletPersonalise this crystal wine glass for FREE by having any name and/or m..


Engraved Swarovski crystal wine glass

Swarovski crystal wine glass Engraved free of charge. This is a beautiful Swarovski crystal wine g..


Heart Design Wine Glass With Swavroski Crystals

This beautiful wine glass has a cut heart design and has 3 Swarovski Crystals bonded to the glass.T..


Set of four Swarovski Crystal Wine Glasses

This set of four Swarovski Crystal Wine Glasses come in their own silk lined presentation box.These ..


Swarovski Element Wine Glass Engraved In Your Own Handwriting

This beautiful wine glass has a spiral cut design and is studded with 3 sparkling Swarovski crystals..


Black Swarovski Element Champagne Flute Engraved In Your Own Handwriting

This beautiful black champagne has a spiral cut design and is studded with 3 sparkling Swarovski cry..


Set of two Swarovski Crystal Wine Glasses

This set of two Swarovski Crystal Wine Glasses comes in its own silk lined presentation box.These be..


Wine Glasses

A wine glass is a type of glass that is used to drink and taste wine.   They are one of the most popular gifts for many occasions, for example, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or even mothers and fathers day.

Red Wine

Glasses for red wine are distinctive in their own way due to their wider rounder bowl.  This style is to increase the rate of oxidation, the oxygen interacts with the wine and alters the flavour and aroma of that wine. Oxidation is needed for red wine as it is considered that complex flavours are smoothed out after being exposed to air.  Finding the perfect glass for that red wine lover can be quite difficult due to the variety that is available.  Our red wine glasses are unique and very sophisticated that can also be personalised with a short message or name of your choice.

White Wine

White wine glasses vary in size and shape.  The most common size and style are very similar to the red wine style, just the bowl is a bit taller and not as wide as the red.  Again the purpose of this style of glass is for the rapid oxidation to be able to take place and make release the strong aroma and flavours.  To preserve a crisp clean flavour many white wine glasses will have a small mouth which reduces the rate of oxidation. Our set of two Swarovski wine glasses are very sophisticated and perfect as a gift.

Wine glasses are a very popular gift for all occasions.  Snobs Gifts have a large array of wine glasses available that are able to be personalised.  One of our most popular wine glasses as a special gift is our set of four Swarovski glasses.  They are a beautiful set that is also complemented by a presentation box.  They are great as a wedding or anniversary gift that will be treasured for a long time.