Glass engraving

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Glass Engraving

The abrasion of a glass surface, through engraving, by sandblasting, to leave a permanent mark. There are plenty of other glass engraving techniques but our preference is sandblasting. This method creates a smooth but deep indentation into the glass also leaves very sharp and definite lines.

The beauty of glass engraving is the transformation to a normal drinking glass. Using your imagination to create a personalised glass is very rewarding. Presenting it as a gift will be well received, who doesn't like their own personalised glass.

Glass Engraving Ideas

Whilst some of us like simplicity, others like to be creative. Either way, personalising your own glass will get a wonderful reaction from the recipient.  An engraved font like this is basic but informative or maybe your preference would be a font with a touch of elegance.

Creating personalised glasses is very rewarding, none other than this amazing concept. Engraved glass in your child's own handwriting or drawings, like this beer glass tankard or this Black Swarovski Element Champagne Flute and even a Personalised Whiskey Glass Engraved In Your Own Handwriting.

Each one of our glasses can be engraved using any method mentioned.


Presenting an engraved glass can be for any occasion, a corporate award looks great with a logo, a gift for mum and dad or nanny and grandad would be received well in the child's handwriting. Very popular for birthdays and also weddings.

Snobs Gifts are proud suppliers to many businesses and have created all types of personalised glass with company logos, a simple example here or a little more complex here. Please contact us for more information regarding logos and quantity order discounts.