Personalised Glasses

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Engraved Swarovski crystal wine glass

Swarovski crystal wine glass Engraved free of charge. This is a beautiful Swarovski crystal wine g..


Love Heart Stem Champagne Glasses

These champagne glasses are neatly presented in their own presentation box, making them an ideal gif..


Personalised Black Champagne Flutes

These Personalised Black Diamante Champagne Flutes come in a set of two, complete in their own premi..


Personalised Gold Champagne Flutes

These personalised gold champagne flutes are part of the Dartington Crystal 'Celebration' range. Eac..


Personalised Ruby Champagne Flutes

These personalised ruby champagne flutes are part of the Dartington Crystal ?Celebration? range. Eac..


Personalised Silver Celebration Champagne Flutes

These personalised silver celebration champagne flutes are part of the Dartington Crystal ?Celebrati..


Diamante Heart Champagne Flutes

Sparkle away with this pair of stunning Swarovski element champagne flutes. Make your gift one ..


Personalised Glasses

A big part of your wedding is to express your gratitude to the guest who have been a big part of your wedding day. This would normally be Father of the bride and groom, best man, mother of the bride and groom, bridesmaids, ushers etc. Presenting each one with thoughtful gifts is a way of saying thank you for all their help in making your big day memorable.

Whilst a small token gift is always acceptable and well received, a gift that has taken a lot of thought and personal to your guest is the ultimate gift to receive.

We all like our beverages consumed from an appropriate glass or cup which always makes the drink more enjoyable. Imagine your very own personalised glass.

Types of glasses

Each type of drink deserves its own glass. For the beer drinker, our engraved pint tankard personalised with your wedding date and the recipient's name is a perfect fit for the occasion. The wine connoisseur would love these engraved Swarovski crystal wine glasses, whilst the spirit drinkers would enjoy their Bacardi or Vodka from a high ball glass. Not forgetting the Whiskey and Brandy drinkers who will cherish a glass with their name engraved onto it. 

Engraved Glass

When we think of engraved glass we presume its a drinking container. We supply and personalise all types of glassware, like this beautiful Heart Shaped Cut Vase With Swarovski Crystals, a unique gift for the mother of the bride or groom. Now, to really impress your wedding guest you can even present them a personalised vase with your own handwriting now that's showing off.


Each piece of our personalised glass is deeply engraved using the sandblast method. This will leave a deep permanent indentation in the glass, this making dishwasher safe with the wording never fading.